Alliances for Active Citizenry

EU Delegation in RNM

January 2022 –

About the Project

The NGO Info-center, as part of its program for active citizenship, implements the project “Alliances for Active Citizenry”, supported by the European Union. The project is designed to contribute to strengthening the role of civil society organizations in creating opportunities for (pro)active citizenship, mainly through alliances and capacity building for citizen mobilization, but also through advocacy and sustainable development. At the same time, it strengthens public pressure for participatory democracy and good governance at the local level.


The NGO Info-center established cooperation, support and encouragement to a dozen local civil society organizations to activate citizens and advocate for participatory democracy at the local level, by strengthening their capacities for mobilization, advocacy and sustainable development.
The cooperation and support of local civil society organizations from Kriva Palanka, Veles, Čaška, Sveti Nikole, Strumica, Kumanovo, Tearce, Debar, Skopje, Mavrovo and Rostuse (Spektar, Center for Audiovisual Arts, Aktivo, Organization of Women from Strumica, Civic Initiative of women Sveti Nikole, HZ Majka, CED Tearce, Radika-DE, ZEUKS Triton, IPPEC) is provided through a series of activities (trainings, mentoring, events and local actions) designed according to the specific needs of the organizations and local communities in which they work.
Through a process of consultation and support, all involved civil society organizations, in cooperation with local authorities, organize a series of public events and small local actions (supported within the framework of the project), to encourage the involvement of citizens at the local level.
At the same time, an informal network/cooperation of the NGO Info-center, local civil society organizations/activists involved in the project and the media was established. As part of the project, memorandums of cooperation were signed in 2023 with the information portals, and the Macedonian media service,


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