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Vaccine Route to Northern Macedonia: January – March 2021

(Македонски) Заклучно со 31 март, за вакцинација се пријавиле 111.347 граѓани, што е само нешто повеќе од 8% од вкупниот број граѓани кои треба да се вакцинираат според проценките на Владата однoсно според Националниот план – 1.335.500 граѓани...

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Organization and Implementation of the Vaccination

The existing health infrastructure and the staff that has been conducting the vaccination so far will be used for the implementation of the vaccination. In the first place, these are the preventive immunization services within the health...

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Phases and priorities of vaccination in the country

According to the National Plan, in Phase 1 priority groups for vaccination are health workers in the first line of response in hospital settings with a high and very high risk of acquiring and transmitting infection...

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So far, seven vaccines for KOVID-19 have been approved

Researchers are currently testing 80 vaccines in clinical trials in humans, and 23 have reached the final stages of testing...

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How will the vaccination process be recorded?

The process of recording and monitoring the vaccination against Covid-19 takes place through the national electronic health record system - My Term...

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April 25, 2021

Media Monitoring: Explicit Politicization of the Census

The NGO Info-center, in the period from March 1 to April 2, 2021 (on working days, Monday – Friday), monitored the media coverage of the Census 2021. The monitoring included 9 media: 4 information portals (Plusinfo, Frontline, Kurir and 360 Degrees). ) and the central news on 5 national...

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February 23, 2021

Small Hydropower Plants – Personal Interest More Important Than...

According to the Bankwatch network, as of 2019, small hydropower plants in the Western Balkans consume 70 percent of renewable energy subsidies, and provide only 3.6 percent of electricity in the region...

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