Fact-based Information and Transparency for Successful Covid-19 Immunization

Balkan Trust for Democracy

March-December 2021

About the Project

The project contributed to neutralizing the negative impact of social networks by providing evidence-based information about the vaccination process against Covid-19. The action monitored the procurement, storage and distribution of the vaccines against Covid-19, the work of the relevant institutions, the reporting of the media, and offered knowledge to journalists for better reporting on the development of the vaccination against Covid-19. The project is designed to contribute to reducing the negative impact of fake news and the domestic “anti-vax” movement, as well as to offer quality information about the meaning and process of vaccination.

The project exceeded expectations especially in the production of multimedia content, as well as in public information through an online campaign. 65 informative and educational products were prepared and published (9 periodic monitoring reports with a detailed overview of the process of procurement, storage and distribution of vaccines against Covid-19, measuring the progress of immunization and the performance of relevant institutions, 9 media monitoring reports, 14 social media visualizations, 5 video graphics, 1 digital story, 1 social dialogue video, 5 journalistic stories and 21 infographics). All materials were published on the website of the NGO Info-center, where a special section was dedicated to project activities under the name/hashtag CovidImmunometer, and were promoted on FB and YouTube. Successful communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign experts, with the national coordinator for immunization, with the Macedonian Agency for Medicines and Medical Equipment – MALMED and with the World Health Organization – WHO, resulted in an extremely efficient organization of a series of trainings for journalists, which in turn resulted in increased quality production of media content by the journalists who participated in the educational sessions.


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