PR Services

“Public Relations is the deliberate, planned, and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its publics”British Institute of Public Opinion

Public relations help our complex, pluralistic society to reach decisions and function more effectively by contributing to mutual understanding among groups and institutions. It serves to bring private and public policies into harmony.

Good PR is invisible. Given it ability to influence with subtly, the good PR will translate the client’s business aims into reasonable, publicly acceptable policy and action that ensures understanding within the organization and between the organization and the external environment.

Public relations serve a wide variety of institutions in society such as businesses, trade unions, government agencies, voluntary associations, foundations, hospitals, schools, colleges, and religious institutions. To achieve their goals, these institutions must develop effective relationships with many different audiences or publics such as employees, members, customers, local communities, shareholders, and other institutions, and with society at large.

PR Services:

Media Relations

Corporate Communications

Organization of Events

Crisis Communication

Internal Communication

Press clipping

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