#ChallengingBorders: Online Camp for youth from Macedonia, Serbia and Albania

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Од 19 до 23 октомври 2020 година, НВО инфоцентарот, Младинскиот центар од Влора и Тимочки клуб од Књажевац, организираа онлајн камп за 33 млади од пет градови во Македонија, Албанија и Србија...
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From 19 to 23 October 2020, the NGO Info-centre, Vlora Youth Center and Timocki Club organized online camp for 33 young people from five cities in Macedonia, Albania and Serbia.

The young participants had the opportunity to virtually meet their peers from these countries and learn together about the values ​​of interculturalism.

From Macedonia, ten young people from Tetovo and Veles participated in the camp. With their new friends from Albania and Serbia, until the end of November 2020, they will continue to communicate with each other, collaborate and create multimedia content that will be shared with their peers in the communities they live in and beyond.

All these activities are realized within the project #ChallengingBorders, financially supported by RYCO and UNPBF.

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