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  • Sense of Triumph Turns into Disappointment

    on Dec 19, 12 • in Uncategorized

    The analysis shows that, in general, the media saw the outcome, i.e. the conclusions of EU’s General Affairs Council, as a failure, because Macedonia was not give “a date or screening”. The journalists reported that, during the negotiations between representatives of EU member-states on the conclusions, all points referring to Macedonia were disputable, with the exception of the point noting the country’s progress, which was accepted by all member-states. The media quoted and interpreted, in their view, the most disputed conclusion of the Council, which states, in its original form: “With a view to a possible decision

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  • EU – Only in Daily Politics Context in Macedonia

    on Jul 11, 11 • in Uncategorized

    The NGO Info-centre, in cooperation with the Macedonian Centre for European Training (MCET), continues its monitoring of quality of media coverage of the European integration processes in Macedonia in 2011. The monitoring programme is financially supported by the Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia (FOSIM). The monitoring includes the coverage in eight daily newspapers (“Utrinski vesnik”; “Dnevnik”; “Vest”; “Vecer”; “Vreme”; “Nova Makedonija”, “Spic” and “Koha”) and the central news programmes aired on seven TV broadcasters (A1 TV; Kanal 7 TV; Sitel TV; Telma TV; MTV 1; Alfa TV; and Alsat TV). This report covers the period

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  • Media Mirror: Journalism is Dead – Long Live the Propaganda

    on Jul 5, 11 • in Uncategorized

    (Македонски) Целосна поделеност на медиумите, селективност на информирање, но и висок степен на непотпишани, и текстови кои се неизбалансирани и содржат само еден извор, се дел од забелешките внесени во мониторингот „Медиумско огледало“ а кој се однесува на следењето на изборниот процес на осум печатени, и исто толку електронски медиуми

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