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  • Freedom for Freedom of Expression

    on Oct 3, 16 • in Analyses, Publications, Advocacy for Freedom of Expression


    The trilingual publication, in Macedonian, Albanian and English, is a compilation of analyzes and reports prepared and published within the project “Freedom for freedom of expression.” The publication contains the analysis “Freedom of expression and association in the media” that includes media coverage of topics related to freedom of expression and freedom of association, between 15 Јanuari – 25 December 2015 and 15 January to 30 June 2016; the document “Freedom of expression vs. defamation” that represents a cross section of court cases for defamation, with a particular focus on their impact on freedom of

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  • Analysis: Freedom of Expression and Association in the Media in 2016

    on Jul 22, 16 • in Activities, Analyses, Analyses, Advocacy for Freedom of Expression


    The pro-government media reports on the Colourful Revolution and GDOM adopt the Manichean approach of propaganda contrasting technique:“black v. white”, “good v. bad”.The "dark", the "bad", the "evil" are represented by the opponents of the government, incarnated in this case in the Colourful Revolution, Soros, SDSM, the opposition, the civic activists and the citizens that take part in the protests. The qualitative analysis of media reporting in the first half of 2016 shows that the media critical of the Government and its policies continue to cover regularly all activities of the Colourful Revolution, the CSOs and citizens in general

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  • (Македонски) Анкета за младите, миграциите и семејството

    on Jul 15, 16 • in Activities, Analyses


    (Македонски) Младите сакаат да заминат најмногу заради невработеноста и општествено-политичката ситуација. НВО Инфоцентарот во партнерство со Македонскиот центар за европско образование (МЦЕО), Осми Септември и Центарот за развој на медиуми, во периодот ноември 2015 – јануари 2016 година, спроведе анкета меѓу младите луѓе во сите осум плански региони во Република Македонија (Скопски, Вардарски, Источен, Североисточен, Пелагониски, Полошки, Југозападен и Југоисточен)

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  • Analysis: Critical Civic Initiatives are “State Enemies” for Pro-governmental Media

    on Mar 17, 16 • in Activities, Analyses, Media Monitoring, Advocacy for Freedom of Expression


    The qualitative analysis of media coverage in 2015 shows that the media critical of the government cover the activities of the civic associations and initiatives, the activists and the citizens in general on regular basis. Unlike critical media, the pro-government media almost completely ignore those events and processes and attempt to create a perception that there are no problems in the areas of freedom of expression and association in Macedonia

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  • New Lawsuits Against Journalists, Reduced Media Interest

    on Jul 20, 15 • in Activities, Analyses, Analyses, Advocacy for Freedom of Expression


    According to the information received by the NGO Info-centre and MDC through a request for access to public information, over the period of two years, from November 2012 to December 2014, a total of 520 defamation action lawsuits were filed in nine basic courts in Macedonia (Gostivar, Tetovo, Štip, Veles, Bitola, Prilep, Strumica and the Basic Court Skopje 2 in Skopje). The greatest number of defamation action cases is tried at the Basic Court Skopje 2 - 328 litigations or 63% of the total, and the smallest number of defamation action lawsuits was filed in Tetovo - five cases or 0.96% of the total

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  • (Македонски) МРТ ги маргинализира и етикетира студентските протести

    on Jan 23, 15 • in Activities, Analyses, Media Monitoring


    (Македонски) Овој медиум не се грижи за јавниот интерес и наместо професионално и непристрасно да информира за настани од исклучително општествено значење како што се на пример, студентските протести, се обидува комплетно да ги маргинализира и да ги етикетира во пропагандистичко- манипулативниот манир на комерцијалните провладини медиуми

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