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  • Analysis of findings of monitoring of media reporting 2018

    on Jan 28, 19 • in Analyses, Media Monitoring, Publications


    The monitoring of the media to assess the quantity and quality of investigative and analytical journalism is conducted under the auspices of the “Investigative Journalism for Promotion of Reforms” Project, financed by the European Union. The aim of the project that has been implemented since 2016 is to promote the growth of accurate and investigative journalism in view of improved public information and protection of public interest. In other words, the aim is to stimulate the newsrooms and the journalists to dedicate greater effort to in-depth and detailed analysis of problems and thus separate themselves

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  • Civic Monitoring of the Ombudsman

    on Apr 27, 18 • in Analyses, Publications


    The Ombudsman is the most important, central independent state institution charged with protection and promotion of human rights of citizens of the Republic of Macedonia. In view of that fact, the NGO Info-center, in cooperation with the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in the Republic of Macedonia, under the auspices of the “Civic monitoring of the Ombudsman” Project, has implemented continuous monitoring of the work and activities of the Office of the Ombudsman since December 2016. This publication covers the findings of individual reports (with minor changes) published between December 2016 and December 2017, referring

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  • Analysis of Results of Monitoring of Media Reporting 2017

    on Nov 17, 17 • in Analyses, Publications

    Analiza 2017 [ Cover ]

    The findings of the monitoring in 2017, compared to previous year, indicate improvement in the number of investigative and analytical articles in Macedonian media. However, their numbers remain worryingly low.We could say, therefore, that there is need for activities to influence the decisions of newsrooms and editorial offices to increase the presence of investigative and analytical articles in their media, as the strongest instrument available to media in the efforts to protect the public interest

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  • PROformace Watch – Monitoring of AVMS and AEC

    on Jan 11, 17 • in Activities, Analyses, Publications


    The essence of democratic systems lies in the checks-and-balances mechanism that reflects on the work in every field of activity of regulatory and oversight bodies, as a key feature of democratic systems is quality control in the direction of protecting the public interest. In this sense, if the control system is implemented, corruption and incompetence in the area under control would be minimized. Taking into consideration this, the Macedonian Center for European Training (MCET) and the partner organizations: NGO Info-center, Transparency Macedonia and the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia, with

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  • Freedom for Freedom of Expression

    on Oct 3, 16 • in Analyses, Publications, Advocacy for Freedom of Expression


    The trilingual publication, in Macedonian, Albanian and English, is a compilation of analyzes and reports prepared and published within the project “Freedom for freedom of expression.” The publication contains the analysis “Freedom of expression and association in the media” that includes media coverage of topics related to freedom of expression and freedom of association, between 15 Јanuari – 25 December 2015 and 15 January to 30 June 2016; the document “Freedom of expression vs. defamation” that represents a cross section of court cases for defamation, with a particular focus on their impact on freedom of

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  • Analysis of Results of Monitoring of Media Reporting 2016

    on Jul 27, 16 • in Publications


    The findings of the survey on quantity and quality of investigative and analytical journalism in Macedonian media show that these two genres are very little represented and unjustifiably absent from the pages and programmes of traditional media.We can conclude, therefore, that the extremely limited presence of investigative stories is a cause of concern, having in mind the fact that investigative journalism is the most powerful instrument available to the media in pursuit of their task to protect the public interest.Namely, in spite of the evident global trend for media towards the superficial and the sensational, the expectations that the media should act as guardians of public interest remain deeply rooted

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  • Survey: What Kind of Population Census and Voter Registry Does the Republic of Macedonia Need?

    on Jun 22, 16 • in Publications

    korica 1

    The survey was based on desk-analysis and interviews with experts, opinion makers and politicians. This document was prepared by Bojan Maričik, M.A., Ljupčo Petkovski, M.A., Biljana Bejkova and Hristena Antovska Jovančeva

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  • Monitoring: Does the Government Engage in Information or Propaganda?

    on Apr 5, 15 • in Publications


    This publication contains four analyses: analysis of Government’s public communication methods, tools and messages; analysis of Govern­ment’s communications related to the so-called “Makedonska Banka” case; analysis of the Prime Minister’s speeches; and analysis of Govern­ment’s media campaigns, conducted during

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  • Analysis: The Census is About Democracy, not Just Ethnic Statistics

    on Jul 8, 14 • in Analyses, Publications

    Analiza popis

    The analysis is an attempt to consider the reasons behind the failure of the 2011 Census. Furthermore, it is an attempt at an overview of the reasons why the population census is an extremely important statistical operation for the state and its development

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  • You are Free – Express Yourself!

    on Dec 3, 13 • in Publications

    sloboda e

    The publication “You are Free – Express Yourself”is an overview of the project activities and the achievements with special focus on the young advocates’ promotional products. The publication is a memento that testifies that the young people are truly the progressive, creative and driving force of a democratic and free society. The publication was presented on a multimedia public event “Freedom is…”, held on December 2nd 2013, at Youth Cultural Center in Skopje The event was an exhibition of all campaigns and multimedia contents (youth local campaigns, photos, short report films, radio articles, posters and

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