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  • New websites of five local organizations

    on Dec 29, 20 • in Activities


    With the support of the NGO Info-center, five local partner organizations, Spektar, Norges Well and Cik-Cak from Kriva Palanka, Spo Cul from Negotino and Aktivo from Veles, developed new websites. The support for the organizations is part of the project “Active Citizens and Participatory Democracy at the Local Level”, supported by the International center “Olof Palme” from Sweden, in order to enable local organizations to improve their visibility and influence among citizens in municipalities and the public at large. Visit the web sites and find out about their activities: The Regional Cooperation Center “SPECTAR” at

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  • Together against Covid-19: Donation for the Covid-center in Negotino

    on Dec 28, 20 • in Activities


    SPO KUL and NGO Info-center, in cooperation with the Municipality of Negotino, donated bed linen, blankets, contactless thermometers, UV sterilization lamps, hand sanitizers, hygiene products and hand wipes intended for the needs of the Covid department in the public health center in Negotino

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  • Government Accepts NGO Info-center’s Initiative for Advancement of Status and Functioning of Local Communities

    on Dec 27, 20 • in Activities, Important

    Untitled 2

    The Government and the competent Ministry of Local Self-Government accepted the initiative of the NGO Info-center for advancement of the status and functionality of local communities and other instruments to ensure direct participation of citizens.   While almost all municipalities practice and implement some forms and instruments to consult and engage the citizens in creation and implementation of local policies, those have proven to be insufficient. It is necessary to comprehensively advance and intensify the use of existing practices, but also to introduce new mechanisms and instruments that will contribute to improved transparency and participative

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  • Full Digitalization and New Forms of Civic Participation are Needed

    on Dec 27, 20 • in Activities, Analyses, Important


    Monitoring the transparency and involvement of citizens in the municipalities of Veles, Kriva Palanka and Negotino, during the KOVID-19 pandemic, showed that local authorities need to strengthen transparency and accountability of their work, especially in the implementation of procedures and spending budget funds. Municipalities need to work intensively on full digitalization of municipal services and their standardization. They also need to improve the digital literacy of the municipal administration. Municipal websites must be service-oriented and not mainly serve as a promotional tool for local government. They need to be regularly improved and redesigned to provide

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  • The Veracity of the Reported “Cash” in the Questionnaires – the Most Difficult to Check

    on Dec 27, 20 • in Activities

    ФОТО 2

    Every official and appointed person has a legal obligation to submit a questionnaire to the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) within 30 days of taking office. The purpose of submitting questionnaires is to enable anti-corruption officials to inspect the property of officials before, during and after the end of their term. In this way, the disproportionate increase in the property of the named person can be easily noticed and encourage the opening of a procedure in which the legality of the newly acquired property should be proven. For the full article, available in

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  • NGO Info-center: Soon new five local organizations’ websites!

    on Dec 27, 20 • in Activities, Civil Scene


    The NGO Info-center, on December 25, 2020, held the last annual workshop for preparation of the websites of five local organizations from Kriva Palanka, Negotino and Veles - Spektar, Norge Ve, Zik-Cak, SPO KUL and

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  • Merit System of Government: Party Membership Card and Loyalty to the Leader

    on Dec 25, 20 • in Activities, Important


    It is difficult to win power. Then everything is foretold and known. The promise in the election campaign for “one society for all” falls short with the first appointment of a director in a state institution. A loyal member of the ruling party always comes to the leadership position despite the mandatory competitions. The Law on Senior Management should have put an end to clientelism, according to which directors would be elected based on professional rather than party merit. However, the law is allegedly stuck in a bureaucratic procedure, so even this four-year term, the

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  • The origin of the property stuck between the existing regulation and the announced law

    on Dec 23, 20 • in Activities, Important

    Poteklotot na imotot zaglaveno megju postojnata regulativa i zakonot vo najava

    Experiences in the world show there is no uniformity in the approach, ie in regulating the issue of the origin of property. In some countries it is covered by several laws, and in some there are special laws on the origin of property

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  • Debate: In Kriva Palanka, 31 student can’t take online classes

    on Dec 23, 20 • in Activities, Civil Scene

    foto 6

    The Center for Youth Initiatives Cik-Cak from Kriva Palanka, in cooperation with the NGO Info-center, on December 23, 2020, on the ZOOM platform organized the online discussion “Youth and education in times of coronavirus”. At the debate, representatives of several local institutions, the municipality, schools, the Parents’ Council, as well as young people and activists discussed the challenges faced by all participants in the educational process, but with a special focus on children and youth, i.e. students from Kriva Palanka. The participants exchanged experiences on the pros and cons of the educational process so far,

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  • Civic Eco-Action in Kriva Palanka

    on Dec 21, 20 • in Activities, Civil Scene

    KP 2

    Norges Vel together with the Red Cross volunteers and young athletes, on December 18, 2020, on the pedestrian-recreational pathway Stara Vada in Kriva Palanka, conducted a civic environmental action "Plastic no - pathway yes"

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