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  • Media Monitoring: Explicit Politicization of the Census

    on Apr 25, 21 • in Activities, Media Monitoring


    The NGO Info-center, in the period from March 1 to April 2, 2021 (on working days, Monday – Friday), monitored the media coverage of the Census 2021. The monitoring included 9 media: 4 information portals (Plusinfo, Frontline, Kurir and 360 Degrees). ) and the central news on 5 national televisions, including the public broadcasting service – MRT1, Telma, Sitel, Alfa and Alast M (news in Macedonian). The main goal of the monitoring is to monitor the way the media report on the census and how it affects the information of the citizens and their participation

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  • COVID-19 Protocol for Safe Census

    on Mar 23, 21 • in Activities

    Protokol-MK thumb

    The census will be conducted through face-to-face interviews in the homes of the citizens, but it can also be done outside – yard, terrace, veranda, in front of the entrances of the buildings. The enumeration procedure will take an average of 20 minutes. The full of the article is available in Macedonian

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  • Gerasimovski: I Think That the Census Can be Conducted Safely and Securely

    on Mar 23, 21 • in Activities

    Donco Gerasimovski 2

    It is known that in the country there is a need to conduct a census of the population, households and apartments, and as soon as possible. If we ask ourselves why, it is clear, because our country is the only one in the world that has not conducted a census for 19 years. "The data we have are invalid, partially poor quality and cannot meet further planning

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  • Small Hydropower Plants – Personal Interest More Important Than National Wealth

    on Feb 23, 21 • in Activities, Analyses


    According to the Bankwatch network, as of 2019, small hydropower plants in the Western Balkans consume 70 percent of renewable energy subsidies, and provide only 3.6 percent of electricity in the region

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  • Young People do not Recognize Corruption Enough and Few Would Report It

    on Feb 19, 21 • in Activities


    Young people in the country have been facing the phenomenon of corruption since entering the education system, as well as in other spheres of their lives. The young people we spoke to say that although they are aware that certain actions may be corrupt, there is still a strong tendency for the normalization of such practices, which they notice as students or high school students

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  • Situation With Corruption in RNM, November 2020 – January 2021

    on Feb 17, 21 • in Activities, Analyses


    The report is an overview of the activities and work of Deputy Prime Minister Nikolovski in the first 100 days of his term, as well as the efforts and activities of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia to prevent corruption and conflict of interest in the period 20.11.2020 to

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  • Confiscation of Illegal Property

    on Feb 15, 21 • in Activities

    Бројчаникот нема ниту денари, ниту евра (2)

    Confiscation of Property: Easy to Embezzle, But Hard to Get Money Back Into the Budget Returning embezzled millions is not easy at all. The legal practice in the country is faced with numerous legal ambiguities, obstacles, slow procedures. At the same time, the process takes place in the shadow of politics, due to which the dial of Porta Makedonija is dark and reduced to zero.   Writes: Frosina FAKOVA-SERAFINOVIC The counter placed above Porta Makedonija that was supposed to count the money returned from the confiscation is dark. There are neither euros nor Denars on

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  • Corruption in The Judiciary – Much More is Said Than Proven

    on Feb 8, 21 • in Activities


    Тhis topic has been spoken and written for decades, in the field, ie in practice, in the entire Macedonian history, there are only a handful of judges whose final court verdict proves that they asked for or received a bribe, or were convicted of abuse. The official position and authority behind which corruption is hidden

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  • Debate: The Law on Inspection and the Municipalities Inspection services

    on Jan 31, 21 • in Activities

    Screenshot (64)

    The NGO Info-center, within the project "Civic Monitoring of Local Inspectorates", supported by the US Embassy, on January 29, 2021, organized public debate: "One year of the Law on Inspection - the experience of inspection services in municipalities."

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  • New websites of five local organizations

    on Dec 29, 20 • in Activities, Civil Scene


    With the support of the NGO Info-center, five local partner organizations, Spektar, Norges Well and Cik-Cak from Kriva Palanka, Spo Cul from Negotino and Aktivo from Veles, developed new websites. The support for the organizations is part of the project “Active Citizens and Participatory Democracy at the Local Level”, supported by the International center “Olof Palme” from Sweden, in order to enable local organizations to improve their visibility and influence among citizens in municipalities and the public at large. Visit the web sites and find out about their activities: The Regional Cooperation Center “SPECTAR” at

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