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  • (Македонски) Повик за доделување грантови на граѓански организации за борба против корупцијата 2019

    on May 6, 19 • in Activities, Important

    Coallition-for-Zero-Corruption-malo web

    (Македонски) Транспарентност Македонија (ТМ), во соработка со НВО Инфоцентарот, во рамки на проектот „Граѓански организации и медиуми против корупцијата – Коалиција за нулта толеранција“, финансиран од Европската Унија преку програмата за поддршка на граѓанскиот сектор и слободата на медиумите 2016 – 2017, објавува повик за доделување грантови за граѓански организации (ГО) за 2019 година, за акции поврзани со борбата против корупцијата

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  • OPINION POLL: What do citizens think of the institution of the Ombudsman?

    on Mar 30, 19 • in Activities, Analyses, Important

    infografik 2

    The results show that two thirds of the citizens (66.6%) know about the existence of the Ombudsman institution, and a solid number are familiar with some of its core competencies. The respondents from the Eastern region mostly heard about the Ombudsman – 85.2%, and the least of them from the Polog – 43.8%. Older citizens are more informed about the Ombudsman, while the young people from 18 to 29 years are least informed about the existence of this institution

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  • Whisky for the Doctor – Gratitude or Still, Just a Corruption?

    on Feb 8, 19 • in Activities, Important


    SMALL OR PETTY CORRUPTION IS NOT INVISIBLE IT CAUSES THE SPIRAL OF CORRUPTION “Do not budge, do not be part of the corruption. That whisky for the doctor or coffee for the administration may seem trivial but essentially they undermine the foundations of the society, feed and support corruption in all spheres and levels.” ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ALL CORRUPTION REPORT CORRUPTION AND FIGHT IT! This video is produced with financial support of the European Union as part of the project “CSO and media against corruption – Coalition for zero tolerance”. Transparency Macedonia and NGO Info-centre

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  • (Македонски) Форум: Судирот на интереси во власта – тенката линија до корупција

    on Dec 21, 18 • in Activities, Important

    48891733_10157097455666995_2399916889078759424_n (1)

    (Македонски) НВО Инфоцентар и Транспарентност Македонија, на 21 декември 2018 година, организираа тематски форум на кој се дискутираше за ефикасните начини за борба против судирот на интереси

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  • (Македонски) Промовиран првиот периодичен извештај во работата на АВМУ и АЕК во рамки на проектот PROformance Watch II

    on Nov 29, 18 • in Activities, Analyses, Important


    (Македонски) Евротинк – Центарот за европски стратегии, НВО Инфоцентар, Транспарентност Македонија и Хелсиншкиот комитет за човекови права, денеска го презентираа првиот периодичен мониторинг извештај за работата на Агенцијата за аудио и аудиовизуелни медиумски услуги (АВМУ) и Агенцијата за електронски комуникации (АЕК), во рамки на проектот „Мониторинг на ефикасноста, ефективноста, транспарентноста и одговорноста на регулаторните тела за медиумите – PROformance Watch II“

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  • Video : How to address to AVMS and AEC?

    on Apr 13, 18 • in Activities, Important

    Untitled 1

    “How do I file a complaint with the Agency for Audio and Audio-visual Media Services (AVMS)?” and “How to file a complaint with the Agency for Electronic Communications (AEC)?” are two new educational videos produced within the project “Monitoring the performance, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of the media regulatory bodies – PROformance Watch “. These videos, intended for citizens, are a useful tool for addressing both institutions. The project “Monitoring the performance, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of the media regulatory bodies – PROformance Watch ” was implemented by Eurothink, NGO Infocentar, Transparency Macedonia and the

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  • Media Monitoring: “De-Sorosoization”

    on Apr 3, 17 • in Activities, Important, Media Monitoring, Advocacy for Freedom of Expression


    As part of its programme on media monitoring and analysis “Media Mirror”, in the period January – February 2017, NGO Info-centre monitored 16 media outlets in terms of coverage and reporting on the topic “de-Sorosoization”. More specifically, this topic was first introduced by the end of 2016 and gained great media attention in the first two months of

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  • The Thinkers Guide to Fallacies

    on Nov 1, 13 • in Important, Publications

    logicki greski

    “The Thinkers Guide to Fallacies - The Art of Mental Trickery and Manipulation” from the authors Richard Paul and Linda Elder is a unique guidebook for recognition of mental trickery and manipulation in the public sphere

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