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  • Sense of Triumph Turns into Disappointment

    on Dec 19, 12 • in Uncategorized

    The analysis shows that, in general, the media saw the outcome, i.e. the conclusions of EU’s General Affairs Council, as a failure, because Macedonia was not give “a date or screening”. The journalists reported that, during the negotiations between representatives of EU member-states on the conclusions, all points referring to Macedonia were disputable, with the exception of the point noting the country’s progress, which was accepted by all member-states. The media quoted and interpreted, in their view, the most disputed conclusion of the Council, which states, in its original form: “With a view to a possible decision

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  • Media Mirror, September – November 2012: In the Name of the Date

    on Dec 12, 12 • in Media Monitoring

    n the period covered by this report (September – November 2012), the European Commission (EC) released its annual Progress Report on Macedonia which, as in previous years, attracted the bulk of media attention

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  • Idyllic European Agenda

    on Oct 15, 12 • in Media Monitoring


    The majority of the media covered by this monitoring dedicated a lot of space to non-critical presentation of statements made by political figures, at the expense of actual reports and commentary on the concrete reforms required under the HLAD framework

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  • Media Mirror: High Level Money – High Level Dialog

    on Jun 11, 12 • in Media Monitoring


    The majority of the media actively defended the agenda of the Government, which wanted to present the dialogue as a major step forward in terms of European integrations for Macedonia. Most media didn’t raise the issue why the dialogue waited until this spring to be opened, although the President of the European Commission Barosso announced the start for last autumn, and transmitted, without any criticism, Government's interpretations that the whole process was launched on initiative of the Government of Macedonia

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  • Media Monitoring: The Adjective More Important Than the Progress Report

    on Feb 3, 12 • in Media Monitoring


    Unlike 2010, when most media took an active position to promote and discuss the relevant topics mentioned in the Progress Report, this year the media were less analytical in their approach and commented on the key problem areas such as: The independence of the judiciary, public administration reforms, freedom of the media and the fight against the corruption. The media again pushed to the fore some topics, such as the (non)use of the adjective “Macedonian” in the Progress Report; the campaign to write letters to the EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Füle implemented by various associations, institutions

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  • The Media and the Hague Process

    on Jan 31, 12 • in Media Monitoring


    The NGO Info-center, conducted monitoring of media coverage of the hearings at the International Court of Justice in Hague, in the Macedonia vs. Greece case

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