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  • (Македонски) Мониторинг на медиуми: Медиумите и Извештајот на Европската Комисија за 2008 година

    on Dec 18, 08 • in Media Monitoring

    (Македонски) Анализата на покажа дека јавноста доби доволно информации за Извештајот на Европската комисија, но поради отсуството на продлабочена анализа, просечниот граѓанин нема јасна слика и тешко може да изгради сопствен став за евроинтегративниот процес на Македонија

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  • Media Mirror: Elections Undermine Macedonian International Position

    on Jul 1, 08 • in Media Monitoring

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    After the elections, the media presented the views of the international representatives on the negative effects the election-day violence has on the country's image, which the media saw as strong messages addressed to the Government. The media emphasized the Government’s responsibility in terms of implementation of measures that would lead Macedonia into EU, but also that would keep the stability of the country

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  • Media Mirror: Aggressive Election Campaign Installs Fear and Uncertainty with Citizens

    on Jun 9, 08 • in Media Monitoring


    A number of media were especially critical of the manner in this the campaign was conducted. The journalists say that the campaign was a manifestation of verbal and physical aggression of the participants, aimed to install fear and uncertainty with the citizens

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  • MEDIA MIRROR: Media Increase Criticism of Ruling Coalition

    on May 29, 08 • in Media Monitoring

    As the end of the Election Campaign nears, the media increased their criticism of the “For Better Macedonia” Coalition. The refusal to face Sekerinska in a public debate and the attempt to ridicule MEP Jelko Kacin had negative effects on Gruevski’s image in the media, as well as on the public image of his VMRO-DPMNE party

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  • Media Mirror: Media Favours the Governing Coalition

    on May 26, 08 • in Media Monitoring

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    During the period covered by this analysis, the media are dominated by intensive campaigns of the technical Government and the election campaign led by VMRO-DPMNE led coalition. Those campaigns have visibly pushed to the margins the campaign activities of the other coalitions and political parties running in the 2008 Elections. The numerous expensive and intensive media campaigns of the Government secured "For Better Macedonia" a favourable position in the media, privileged compared to the opposition "Sun - Coalition for Macedonia" and the other political parties and coalitions

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  • MEDIA MIRROR, November 2007: The Government is Generating Crises and Leads Weak Foreign Policy

    on Jan 8, 08 • in Media Monitoring

    According to the media, the instability and the crisis in the political processes in Macedonia, the disorientation of the Government and the unstable internal relations of the ruling coalition result from a combination of several negative factors: a) the asymetric relations between the partners in the Government (with emphasis on the claim that Gruevski is held hostage by Thaqi); b) the scandal surrounding the failed attempt to sell the "Negotino” thermoelectric power plant; and, c) the disablity to harmonize the individual parties’ interests during the completion of appointments for the National Judicial Council

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